Watch Face of Lincoln Film


The Face of Lincoln
By Our Artist Robert Merrell Gage
1956 Academy-Award-Winning Film.

Watch the Face of Lincoln Film

The Face of Lincoln is a 1955 short documentary film in which sculptor Robert Merrell Gage models the features of Abraham Lincoln while narrating the story of Lincoln’s life. It won an Academy Award at the 28th Academy Awards in 1956 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel) and was also nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject. The film was directed by Edward Freed and produced by USC School of Cinematic Arts instructor Wilbur T. Blume.


The NCGFA is pleased to share with you the 1956 Academy-Award-winning film The Face of Lincoln by our Artist, Robert Merrell Gage. It is not often one gets to watch a world-famous artist at work, especially one who died in 1981; however, through the magic of cinema, it is our pleasure to share with you Merrell Gage.

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