This is a life size bronze mask sculpted by one of the premier American Sculptors of the early twentieth century. We are offering a limited signed and numbered series of castings. Each one is custom made by a bronze artisan. The process takes approximately ninety days and is made to order. We are currently producing castings number 11 to 50.  The first fifty will have a special introductory price. When the maximum number of 1865 is reached, the mold will be destroyed, and production of this series of castings will end.

Our foundry partner is world renowned and based in North Carolina. It is responsible for producing many famous bronze statues throughout the world including casting the Ronald Reagan which resides in the United States Capitol Rotunda. Any Lincoln enthusiast, student of history, or collector of fine art will cherish this special bronze. It’s not just a piece of art; it IS a piece of history.

Merrell Gage was born in 1892 in Topeka Kansas. He developed a great talent for sculpting at an early age. He was classically trained. He traveled to New York to study at the Beau Arts Institute and the Henri School of Art under the tutelage of the well-respected Robert Henri, father of the ashcan school. He also trained in France. Gage worked with Gutzon Borglum for two years on Mount Rushmore, and he was one of Borglum’s favorite protégés. Gage’s first commission work was the seated Abraham Lincoln in 1915 which remains at the Kansas State house to this day. In the early 1920s, Gage moved to Los Angeles, to become a professor of sculpture at the University of Southern California and rose to become head of the department. He was commissioned to do many works in California to include the Electric Fountain in Beverly Hills, the decorative sculpture on the Edison building, the façade for the Los Angeles Times building, the head of Abraham Lincoln at 110 Grand Avenue in Los Angeles, and many others. In 1955, Gage made a movie titled the The Face of Lincoln which went on to win the Academy Award in 1956 for best live action short film. The bronze mask we are offering is being made from an original terra cotta created by Gage in 1956 which is the same year he won the Oscar. Please take time to view this movie courtesy of our website, and you will see why this work of art is so special.

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The Face Of Lincoln

A bronze mask by the renowned American Sculptor Robert Merrell Gage.

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